Hi Stranger!

I’m Rebeka, an illustrator, animator and game designer from Hungary. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the University of West Hungary, my Master’s in Animation at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

Sometimes a picture is simply not enough. Sometimes more is needed. A project with complex meaning, story or feeling needs a unique design. Be it an illustration, animation or anything in between, these are the projects that I enjoy the most. I love to elaborate on details, to draw interesting and inspiring characters and to work on natural, scientific or even supernatural themes for both kids and adults. Inspired by the desire to create a distinctive visual world for each project I am perpetually seeking new forms and tools for my work. I enjoy fusing traditional materials like paper, plasticine, ink or pencil with digital elements.


Things that inspire me

Medieval arts, folklore, superstition and mysticism, rural landscapes and architecture, mid-century modern children’s Illustration, botany, insects and bugs, Czechoslovak stop motion and puppet animation, Victorian fashion, all sorts of gothic, horror and detective stories


Things I do

As well as illustrating, I like to spend my time hiking, mushroom hunting, knitting, reading, home gardening, cooking and baking (ramen and cornish pasty addict) or playing board games with friends.


If you’d like to discuss a project, collaboration or commission please feel free to contact me at rebeka.m.illustration@gmail.com