0RACL3 is a game about an odd person, who can answer any questions with the help of numbers. Some say he is a fortune teller, some that he is a fraud, but no one doubts that he is a wise man. If one is in need of answers, he is always there to help with numbers.

How to play?

It is just like slitherlink! To find the answer, draw a single, non-intersecting loop that only consists of horizontal and vertical lines between the dots. Numbers inside a cell indicate how many of the edges of that cell are part of the loop. Zero means, there are no lines on either side of the cell. The loop cannot touch or cross itself at any point. Each puzzle has only one solution, which is always a single drawing.

Mary’s tears

A young girl seeks the 0RACL3’s help. She wants to find out if a young shepherd truly loves or just fooling her. Can you tell her the answer?

The forgetful potioneer

A weathered-looking old man enters the shop of the 0RACL3. At first, he mumbles indecisively while searching for something in his many pockets. He finally puts three objects on the table: a curious-looking mushroom, a bottle of potion and a chicken leg. He says he is in trouble. He has kept himself young with a potion for like a thousand years, but nothing like this has ever happened to him before. He delayed the preparation of the potion for too long, eventually, he grew so old that he forgot one of the key ingredients to the potion.
Can you tell him what is the missing ingredient?

Witch imprisoned

The 0RACL3 was up to take a short break in the store. He made a cup of chamomile tea and sat down in his armchair to drink it. He almost fell asleep when he was disturbed by a sudden clatter of glass and a dull thud. When he looked up, he saw that a bat broke into the shop – surely, the creature was a witch’s familiar – he thought. The bat dropped three small objects on the 0RACL3’s desk, it was very clear to him now that this meant work. That witch must be in grave danger. As he was thinking about this, numbers began to take shape in his mind, he quickly put them on paper and started to work.
Can you draw the map of the prison and free the witch?

The king’s desire

Not a minute has passed since the witch’s familiar flew out the window, when an enormous woman entered the shop while sobbing violently. As it turns out she is the cook of the great orc king of the Sealands, Retsbol. She says that the king has been in a terrible mood all day. He threatened to exile the cook if she doesn’t serve the dish that he desires the most at the feast tonight.
“But how can I tell what a king is thinking?” said the cook defensively while drying her eyes with a kitchen towel. “So, I thought to myself, calm yourself Lizzy, you know better. Go to the 0RACL3, and ask his help.” she puts three objects on the table. “Can you help me, my lord? Please, help me!”