Intuitivo — complex psychological testing

illustration and branding

Identity and web design for Intuitivo, a Budapest based Child Psychologist collective.

Every child has different needs and problems. Either in kindergarten, at school or at home the moment may come when a child faces seemingly inevitable difficulties. Intuitivo helps families to avoid such situations by offering their sensitive but professional approach in aptitude testing and child psychology. Intuitivo provides a complex guide for parents by using the diverse methodology and reliable tests tailored to the needs of each individual child. They turn to families with an attentive mind, focusing on the ways of improvement and provide solutions with kind assistance.

About the working process

With all our choices, we sought the best way to represent the company’s philosophy. Custom letters have been designed for the logo with playful, round forms and big x-height. We picked a set of vivid colours for the identity and illustrations to support the warmth and kind methods of the company. There are colours to represent seriousness and professionality, but these are also in harmony with the child-friendly atmosphere of the identity.

When designing the website, our main goal was to keep it simple but informative. Those parents who seek the help of a Child Psychologist are the primary users of the site. Therefore we choose to show the most common disorders and problems of children in the form of illustrations on the main page. As a result, parents find what they need quickly.

Regarding the illustrations, the main designing concept was to try to understand the parents’ perspectives. They must find the illustrated situations similar to what they experience with their children. However, we also wanted to avoid simplifying and generalizing, as these contradict the philosophy of Intuitivo.

art direction & branding · László Naske
illustration & animation · Rebeka Molnár