Prelude to Foundation

book cover

Foundation was on my bookshelf as a teen, I think I even started it a few times, but it didn’t really stick back then. A few years ago I came across an audiobook version of Prelude to Foundation, I was instantly hooked. I guess I needed to know more about the past of Sheldon to find the story interesting.

My teen self’s lack of interest however is only a testament to how important characters and their personal development in a story were to me even back then. It is not in any way a negative criticism of the Foundation itself. Please don’t come at me nerds, we are on the same side here. I was knee-deep in science fiction, reading Sergey Snegov’s Humans as Gods (that cover is still haunting me) and watching Stargate and Firefly on tv.

The idea to make a cover for this book came to me when I came across the trilogy’s new Hungarian translation by Gabo publishing house, which had this epic cover with a giant spaceship in the vastness of space. I loved that edition, so much so that I bought it immediately. I am all into this aesthetic modernisation of classics, but I also love the nostalgia of the old covers. To me seeing characters on covers are always way more exciting than having a cover that has no meaningful connection to the story, even if it is very pretty. While I am reading a book I tend to just close the book sometimes and take a long look at the cover, to see what the characters in the front are. I love to think about how they feel, what they might think, and how would they act throughout the book. So a cover like this just makes more sense to me.