Song of Witches and Frogs — Inktober 2019

ink drawings

Once I’ve seen the annual prompt list of Inktober, I imagined this land full of magic, frogs and witches. I thought it would be fun to create a small world for all of them. This project does not contain all the illustrations I’ve done for Inktober this year, please check out my Instagram page to see them all.

A legend was whispered among the witches, about an ancient frog—as old as the elements—who lives in the depth of the endless swamps. They say he owns a book that might behold the ways of fighting the formidable ghost-birds. A young frog starts his journey to find the ancient one, leaving behind his best friend, a young witch and an elderly seer who raised them both, in hopes that they are going to be safe. What he could not know, however, that there is a prophecy, that will change the young witch’s life forever.