Time Witch

game design

Time Witch is a first-person puzzle game with witchcraft and time travelling.

Mira is the game’s main protagonist. She is the apprentice of the Time Witch, Urd who lives in a Clock Tower. Mira’s (as well as the player’s) goal is to become a fully accomplished time sorcerer, and for that, she has to equip herself with armour, which protects her physical body during time travelling. The armour is a materialized energy field created by Time Crystals. Mira has to collect one crystal to each division of her body. To test Mira’s abilities, the Witch concealed one crystal on each level of the Clock Tower. Obtaining Time Crystals is the player’s long-term goal during the game.

In this project, I wanted to further explore the educational aspects of games. How can a game teach playfully? How can a game help to practice the knowledge acquired in school? Is it possible to create an environment in which learning is not a responsibility but fun? Therefore my goal was to create an engaging puzzle game for leisure time with educational aspects for children. A game that inspires the player to reach its goals not by punishment, but by motivating and rewarding good performance. Beyond all this, it also teaches by improving basic logic and memory.

I believe that children need to play, create, learn, practice, explore and experiment. We can use all technical devices around us to help the next generations in growing up and becoming successful and balanced adults. My goal was to dive even further and refine this field.

Development and outcome

Time Witch was made in a short period of one year as my diploma project. It has remained unfinished due to lack of time and working capacity. The main game with one level was tested and runs under both Android and iOS.

The concept and design were made by me, the programming was done in Unity by Jan Chlup, who also helped me by cutting off the excess branches of my excessive ideas during the whole process. For the magical tunes he created for the trailer, I will always be grateful for János Kőrös.

illustration & animation · Rebeka Molnár
programming ·
Jan Chlup
music ·
János Kőrös