Wildflower or weed


Last year, for the first time wildflower meadows, appeared at deliberate spots at various places in Budapest. I think this is a great initiative, and although it is not the most spectacular one compared to other green changes in the city, I think that in the long run – and with the right communication – the attitude of many people can be changed with its help. That’s why I thought I’d start working on something about it, that’s where the idea for this comic came from. Sorry that this is in Hungarian, but please find the translation of the panels in order of appearance just below!

Wildflower or weed? It can stay in a field, but you should get rid of it everywhere else? We don’t let them near the vegetable gardens, but any green can flourish in the no man’s land. But then what are wildflowers doing in city parks?

Chamomile, poppy, chickweed, goosefoot and other exciting plants can emerge from the ground if they are not weeded. There is, for example, the cheeseweed (priest’s cheese in Hungarian) that is unfortunately not grown by monks in remote monasteries, but is truly edible and very delicious!

But, the best thing about these wild parts is that they are full of life! Colourful and patterned beetles, snails, lizards, frogs and sometimes even mice may hide under the leaves. Only to our human eye, do these green areas look like a jungle of weeds.

At first glance urban wildflower meadows, can easily be told off as unkempt, even though order and disorder can exist side by side, and messiness does not necessarily mean worthlessness.

Wildflower meadows are useful for the city in several ways, for example, they absorb pollution from the air, bind water to the ground and moderate the extremes of the urban climate. However, the fact is that they are not great for playing ball or walking the dog.

The truth is, that even with the careful and tireless work of city gardeners, it takes years to turn mowed areas into a meadow bursting with flowers. On the other hand, native and endangered species may emerge in these areas from the early beginning.

My point is, that we city dwellers need to accept, learn to appreciate, but above all, have to leave these areas to be. If you disagree with something, please don’t look for solutions in vandalism. Instead, start a dialogue on the official forums of your city.